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Into the belly of the beast - Page 3 - A snake comes down and devours Amanda - By Swallow-Her - Overview
There was a crashing noise and a sound of ripping metal, Amanda flinched in fear and when she looked back up, she felt something come down on her head, and everything went black. From the outside she could hear the muffled voice of Jackie screaming and yelling something, but she couldn't hear exactly what she was saying over her own muffled cries for help. She put her hands over where her head would be, wasn't there something over it, and tried to get it off, and then she realized what it was. A snake. She was being swallowed alive! She panicked more, begging for it to let her go, and yelling for Jackie to help her, then she realized she hadn't heard from her for a while and started to scream even louder, but it was too muffled from the snakes mouth for anyone outside the bathroom to hear. The snake continued to descend down Amanda, having completely engulfed her head, it began to dislocate it's jaw and make room for her shoulders, which it did with little effort. She continued to struggle and plea as it climbed down her body, pushing her arms against her sides so that she couldn't try and lift it off anymore. She continued to beg, "MMM! MMPH!, GET.. OFF.. ME! YOU.. MONSTER! MMMMPH!" The snake ignored her, and continued to swallow it's meal.. Having reached her breasts, it had to drop it's jaw a little more to accommodate them, and after about a minute or two, it gulped them down. Her arms were now completely pinned to the side of her body, but she continued to move her hands and fingers in anyway she could, to make it harder for the snake to consume her, but that didn't stop it, the snake had swallowed down to her waist and she was bent over almost 90 degrees, her screams became moans from the lack of air, and she was beginning to realize the situation in full. If she didn't get out.. She was going to die.. The snake began to descend on her ass, and it was the last, and probably largest obstacle in it's way of making her it's meal.. She kicked frantically, and began to wish she had worn something a little less devour-able then spandex tights, but tights or not, it couldn't seem to swallow past her hips, that was until she felt the ground from under neath her boots disappear and she was lifted into the air, being dropped into the creatures throat.. She started to kick harder and yelled "No please! let go of me, I'm not ready to die!" On the outside, all who was in the bathroom would hear were muffled moans, unluckily for her, there didn't seem to be anybody in the bathroom.. She felt her hips drop a little more into the snake, and yelped as her ass was squeezed inside it's mouth. She had been conquered... She continued to moan as she felt her legs quickly fall into the snakes mouth, and down it's throat, with only her feet outside, she was running out of breath and as the snake closed it's mouth over what was Amanda, she passed out, and never woke up.
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