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The Life of Renic - Page 3 - The Real Beginning - By TheRenic - Overview
On this bright and cheerful morning you find yourself still passed out in your bed, cuddled up to your pillows, its nearing noon and your mother is about to wake you. You awake to find your mother hovering over you, a tall purple dragoness, sporting a DD rack, and an hourglass figure. She has a look of disappointment on her face that you had slept in so late, like this was anything new, you always sleep in late since you graduated high school.
"You know Renic when you have a job, you can't sleep in like this." You sigh, you have only heard this tried old rant a hundred times a week. Still you grumble and flop out of bed as she turns towards the door. You feel a familiar sensation with your penis and look down to find it had poked through the slit in your boxers, the only thing your wearing. Before you can fix yourself your mother turns back towards you as if to say something, but she pauses.
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