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The Monster under the bed - Page 3 - A Tentacle monster - By Fenris - Overview
You are a horrendous mass of tentacles and slime.A lab experiment gone wrong, Your only existence in life is to capture young girls, pump them full of your slime and add them to your collective. You don't "Eat girls" persay, but rather ingest them, digest their organs (except the brain and heart) and convert them into a new memeber of your hive mind, turning them into a slimy Tentacle who's only purpose is to help you collect more girls to add.

Once added, A girl forgets who she was and remmebers only that she is a tentacle, meant to pump her slime into other girls and 'collect' them for her "master."

You also only prey on girls who are 12 and older...

So who is your next victem...
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