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Feeling Flushed - Page 3 - Do it. - By TheWatcher - Overview
A few moments pass before Iris finally makes up her mind. Iris bites her lip before letting the towel fall to the floor. She wrings her hands together, still staring down at the porcelain appliance.

Finally Iris clears her thoughts and musters her courage. ‘There’s no way it’ll actually work… right?’ Iris thinks to herself as she lifts a foot and slowly steps into the toilet. The cold water shocks her skin, especially after the hot shower she just had.
‘Don’t think about it, don’t think about it,’ Iris repeats in her head, blocking out the thoughts that question the cleanliness of what she’s doing. Her foot settles into the bottom of the toilet, toes dipping down into the mouth. She gives a breath of apprehension before lifting up and stepping in with the other foot. She’s left balancing awkwardly in the bowl, the cold water up to her calves. A few seconds pass when suddenly her feet slip down into the mouth of the bowl, both feet crammed together in the small space approaching the drain. Iris gasps, startled by the sudden descent. She looks down at her feet, marveling at how they managed to fit in there. On the bright side, Iris has little trouble balancing in this position. Her eyes fall on the silvery flush handle of the toilet. Slowly her hand makes its way to the handle and, after a moment of contemplation, pushes it down.

Iris feels a strong lurch as the toilet makes the same watery rushing sound it had in the video. That alone is enough to convince her that this is no hoax, which means there’s only one thing that’s going to happen now. Just as Iris comes to this realization the water around her legs begins to swirl and she feels a tugging from below. Her feet are slowly pulled further into the drain, legs curving impossibly around the bends of the toilet’s throat. It feels bizarre to say the least. Once she sinks into the water down to her knees her entire body begins to turn in slow circles.
‘Oh god,’ Iris thinks, slightly panicked, ‘this is happening… I’m going down!’
The tank of the toilet passes in front of her as she slowly rotates, her thighs beginning to compress down and enter the drain. Iris is fairly confident the flush should have ended by now but the commode persists, gurgling and bubbling, more and more water gushing forth to carry her further down. Her spinning increases in speed to about two seconds per revolution and gradually accelerates from there. Iris’ groin dips below the chilly water, causing goosebumps to sprout up all over her skin. That feeling is nothing compared to the completely alien sensation of her pelvis being greedily devoured by the drain.
The insatiable throne glugs and burbles as it slurps Iris further into its pipes, her spinning helping her along. Her generous bust meets the seat, the soft flesh sliding along the smooth plastic with her rotations. She eventually has to push her breasts against her chest to allow them past, her descent resuming as she does.
On multiple occasions Iris considers resisting and pulling herself out, but she saw the video; she knows that won’t work. There’s only direction she’s going, and that’s down. Iris’ breasts are soon submerged in the swirling waters, causing another wave of goosebumps. Soon the orbs are pressed against the bottom of the bowl, causing her downward motion to halt completely. She remains there, spinning in the gaping maw of the latrine. Just as Iris begins to wonder if she might be stuck, the surging waters intensify, and she begins to spin faster and faster, reaching multiple turns per second.
“Whoa,” She says aloud, getting dizzy, just as her chest pops into the drain and her trip downward begins yet again, faster than ever.
“Whoa whoa whoa WHOA WH-” Iris is silenced as her head falls below the rushing water and, with a confident, chugging glurk and gurgle, she’s sent down the pipes and out of sight.

The bathroom falls silent, save for the sound of the refilling toilet.
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