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A stealthy exploration - Page 3 - Basking - By MetaLion32 - Overview
Well if they are basking then they must be dozing off while at it right? You see over to the 3 women who are basking in the sun. You start to take a closer look and you see..

There is a young woman that must be no older than 25 years old. She seems to be around 5"8'. She has blonde hair, has a pretty tan complexion, slim figure and simply stunning to admire though because she is facing down you are unable to see how her breasts are. She is laying down in a blue bikini and seems to be sleeping.

There is a slightly older woman that seems to be around 30 years old. She is a brunette with also a cute tan complexion. She looks to be around 5"10' too. You can easily figure that she has D cups over the fact of how big her chest is. She is really trimmed and she is not afraid to bask in her "birthday suit". She is facing upwards and seems to have her eyes covered in her shades.

The last one is a slightly older woman too, you calculate around 35. She has a pale complexion and quite skinny compared to the other 2 laying down. She has red hair and only seems to be around 5"6'. Despite her being skinny, she has a good set of breasts on her being around C cups. She unlike the others, is just sitting on the grass watching other people have fun. She has only her green polka dots bikini on.

So who do you approach?
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