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The Random Encounter - Page 3 - Terra Branford - By CuddleSlut - Overview
Terra Branford, a living weapon for the Empire who has broken free and gone rogue. Her magical power is spoken of in fearful whispers throughout the legion... but you won't be swayed by such sniveling. Scouts have informed you that Terra has been seen near the caves and tunnels east of the Imperial Capital, Vector. You have followed her trail, and now, in the depths of the tunnels, you have found her.
You eye your quarry silently from the rocks. She hasn't seen you yet. What's more, Terra seems to have gotten separated from her comrades. You can't believe your luck!
Terra studies the rocks around her with an anxious expression. "This isn't good... I'm lost, and I can't find Locke and the others." She pauses and frowns as her slim tummy growls, and she rests a hand on it for a moment and lowers her eyes. "What's worse, I've run out of food. At this rate, I could starve here."
You can barely keep yourself from snickering at this pitiful sight. This is the living weapon everyone fears? The poor girl will have plenty to eat once she's back in the Empire's custody.
It's time to make your move. How will you attack Terra?
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