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Law of Tenko's Macro/vore interacitive - Page 30 - Stay put - By trigger12 - Overview
You decide to stay, and eat some of the icing. But before you started, the slice was lifted.

You turned, only to see the salivating, moist, hot, wide open maw of the hungry creature coming toward you. In a short fraction of time, you could make out the creature's jawline. It was somewhat fox like, with fangs at each corner of the mouth.

The cliff like end was taken away and replaced by large walls of white, and soon, they were sealed away by two large, moist lips. You could hear that creature chewing, the sound of his food being mashed and chomped on by his powerful teeth.

You can tell he has no cheeks, but is able to hold all the food in, with jst his lips. You watch as the creatures throat bulges out as it swallows.

What are you going to do?!
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