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Down on Grandpa's Farm - Page 30 - Remain calm - By Lucky - Overview
You relax and your Granny sets you down on the table. You're now at waist level for your sister now. Your Grandmother takes her seat again, you are at bust-level for her. You cannot help but make comparison to large hills.

"Great! Let's move on to the first experiment. Eve, have a seat here." Your Granny motions and Eve takes a seat next to her.
"I want you to hold your mouth open wide. I'm going to drop your brother in, and I want you to push him around with your tongue." Eve nods and obeys, opening her mouth wide.

You almost try to run as your Granny reaches for you this time, picking you up and dangling you over your sister's open mouth. Even at a distance, you can feel the heat from her maw. Suddenly you're falling a short distance of about a story into her mouth. She closes it almost immediately and you're in pitch black. She wastes no time, pressing you up against the back of her teeth; a smooth, hard wall of enamel. You're soaked in her spit quickly, and you're no match for the muscle of her tongue. An enormous, powerful, slick and textured muscle pins you just by weight alone. You have no hope of fighting back.

But you might be able to squirm around her tongue. You are very slippery at the moment.
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