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Super Princess Peach: Hunger Pain Panic - Page 31 - Kooplomacy (DEATH) - By MasterSpunk68 - Overview
"Actually," Peach hesitated, rubbing her chin and thinking. "Maybe we don't need to fight."

"Wait, what do you mean?!" Daisy asked, her blue eyes wide with shock.

"I must say, I too am perplexed. Explain yourself, please." Rosalina gently urged.

"Well, we fight these guys all the time and it's time consuming, so maybe this time we should try sorting out our differences verbally. It's worth a shot, right?" Peach asked, looking to her friends for support.

"Seriously?! No way am I talking to them!" Daisy just about screamed. "They're evil! They'd never listen anyways! We should just take them out when we have the chance!"

"What Daisy is trying to say, Peach, is that-" Rosalina started, but Peach wouldn't hear it.

"You two are too cynical!" Peach declared, shaking her head and smiling warmly. "I just know that if we show these koopas kindness, they'll return it to us tenfold. They're good creatures but nobody gives them a chance."

"Actually," One of the koopas spoke up. "Your friends are right, especially the yellow one. We're freaks, we're hungry, and you three look tasty."

A look of panic crossed Peach's face in an instant as she felt a koopa grab her by the ankles. In the next instant she screamed as she fell on her back, and in the next she was sucked into the koopa's shell so fast that she was gone by the time her friends could blink.

Daisy and Rosalina exchanged looks of horror, then felt a shell on each of their backs pushing them onto their stomachs. Rosalina was then pulled into a koopa shell feet first, and Daisy was pulled in head first; both of them were sucked in with a loud slurping noise, as if they were limp spaghetti noodles.

The three koopas burped, a saliva-covered crown and some blood emerging from each of their shell holes as they did. They then came out of their shells and exchanged high fives.

"That was simple!" One of them laughed.

"Yeah, seriously. Can't believe they tried something so dumb!" Another one said, pleasantly surprised. A smug smile creeped over his face as he rubbed his soft turtle belly. He was already thinking about what to do with Pauline.

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