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Happy Birthday - Page 31 - Same Size - By RealZikik - Overview
In front of you, your mother strips down. She quickly removes her pants and shirt and then takes off her underwear. Once she's naked, she goes over to you and tells you to eat up. She sticks her feet in your mouth and you start swallowing them down. You enjoy the taste and your mother enjoys the feeling of being tasted. You swallow her feet and work on her legs. You grab them with your hands to help make your way to your knees. Before you know it, you're at her hips and your stomach is expanding. You swallow some more of her and get her stomach in your mouth. Then you swallow her breasts and her shoulders slide between your lips. You soon close your mouth over your head and swallow the rest of her down. Once you finish her off, she gets comfortable inside your stomach.
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