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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 32 - Oh no! She accidentally shoots you out of shock! - By Nozo - Overview

A searing pain has lodged itself firmly in your chest. You’ve been hit by an arrow or two before, but this hurt significantly more. As you stumble backwards, you realize that must be a result of the magic. Still, you weren’t dead… yet. Your vision was getting disconcertingly blurry, the world in front of you blurring into a colorful mess. You see Nornes face and realize that she’s grabbed you by the shoulders, shaking you, but you don’t feel it at all. You don’t feel much of anything aside from a strong tingle spreading along your entire body. The incomprehensible din of colors that your vision has become swirls further as you dip out of consciousness…

Your eyes shoot open. Where are you? What happened? The last thing you remember was being shot by Norne’s magic arrow. By looking around the room you’re able to answer some of your questions - it appears you’re in Norne’s bedroom, with one major difference - everything is larger than it should be. You’ve been shrunken before, but never in this way. Usually shrinking is achieved with a magical stave, but evidently Norne’s been working with magically infused arrows. An interesting prospect for sure - being able to shrink enemies on the battlefield with a simple arrow would be an effective strategy, and if your unintended experimentation was anything to go by, it worked well. You noticed an elixir bottle beside you, and upon checking you found it to be empty. Presumably that was why you weren’t in pain anymore.

You hear the sound of the doorknob wiggling, the huge wooden door beginning to move.
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