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Super Princess Peach: Hunger Pain Panic - Page 32 - Foursome From Shell (GAME OVER) - By MasterSpunk68 - Overview
"And that, my dear Paula, is why I solve all of my problems with brute force." Bowser said, chuckling to himself as he looked over the remains of the princesses on the magical projector screen in his throne room. "I mean, seriously? Peace talks? Yawn!"

"She was just trying to be kind." Pauline shot back, angry at Bowser for mocking her now deceased friend. "And she was a much better person than you'll ever be!"

"Too bad she's dead and I'm not then," Bowser muttered under his breath, not even bothering to look in Pauline's direction. Kamek had just finished transporting the victorious koopas into the throne room, and it was time for them to have their reward.

"Hey, it's that chick Bowser said he'd let us have! P... um, Patty, or something." One of the koopas said, pointing at Pauline, who was being removed from her cage by Bowser.

"Right! Let's have at her, then!" Another suggested. His friends followed him and took their positions. He stayed in front of Pauline, but the other two went around her and stood behind her instead.

"We're gonna have one shell of a time with you, Patty." The koopa in front said, leering at Pauline.

"My name is Pauline, not Patty, and please, please don't hurt me. I'm... I'm a virgin." Pauline admitted, blushing and ashamed.

"Well, you're gonna be shell shocked then!" Shouted one of the koopas behind Pauline, causing her to whimper with fear. An instant after, she felt her pussy being spread wide by a koopa shell, then immediately after another lodged itself deep in her asshole. Pauline tried to scream out in pain and terror, but as soon as she opened her mouth, it was filled with meaty koopa cock. Her scream came out as nothing more than a muffled cry, and it sent vibrations down the koopa's erect penis that aroused him further.

"Oooh, that feels so good, Patty." The koopa moaned, his dick twitching with excitement in Pauline's mouth. "How do those shell hole plugs feel, Patty? Hm? I bet they don't feel as good as your lips do on my dick, babe. You're amazing! Yeah... use that tongue. Use that... ooh, I'm gonna-"

With that, the lead koopa groaned loudly, sending string after string of turtle semen splashing onto Pauline's mascara-stained face. Four spurts later, the lead koopa offered up his penis for a quick clean-up, then switched positions with the koopa that had been in Pauline's anus.

The torment repeated like this several times, each time with the koopas switching spots and taking turns with Pauline's holes. After a while, the koopas in Pauline's nether regions spun around in their shells, increasing the sexual torture. By the time the koopa trio was done with Pauline, her face was a cummy mess, her mouth was filled with sperm and her other holes were stretched into the shape of turtle shells.


"Phew! That's good for today, guys. Let's get a good night's sleep and come back to Patty Cakes here tomorrow, how's that sound?" One of the koopas suggested, exhausted from thrusting so hard into Pauline.

"Sounds good to me." Another koopa answered back, wiping his still leaking cock off on one of Pauline's sweaty soles.

The three koopa buddies walked out of the room, and Bowser threw Pauline back into her cage without even wiping her off. As Pauline stewed in turtle jizz, she was too sore to move. She couldn't feel her legs. All she could do was lie in a heap and think about the taste of koopa cum in her mouth. She wondered if it would ever go away.

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