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Hypno Castle - Page 34 - Enter - By Dragonblaze - Overview
The first sight you are presented as you pass through the door is, to say the least, extravagant. A massive hall, filled with decoration befitting a castle, with statues stretching from one corner to the other, on both sides even. Nearly a dozen doors, not counting the door you came through and the massive set of doors at the end of the hall, were presented to you, almost like they were just waiting to be opened. A long red carpet stretched from entrance to end, decorated with gold lines that formed intricate patterns that confused, or intrigued you. At the end were two sets of stairs, which led to an upper level together. Two more stairs on either side of the hall led to other places.

Having taken in the sights, you look around, hoping to see any sign of inhabitants. Even though the castle was considered abandoned, there have been supposed rumours about what dwells within its interior. Whispers of monsters, creatures of darkness and evil, and fates believed to be worse than death. To be honest, you didn't entirely dismiss them. But right now, you'd rather risk a few old rumours than a thunderstorm. Besides, those rumours didn't mean anything right now. You had come here to explore the abandoned fort, and such an oftentimes fickle thing like rumours weren't going to keep you away from this opportunity.

Although, you couldn't really fool yourself. You had wanted to explore this place, but even with those rumours possibly being tall tales, you were nervous about going alone. But everyone you asked brushed it off like some silly joke, or something else. So, for better or worse, you were here all alone. And there was definitely no turning back, now that a sudden thunderstorm had thrown itself into your path. Heck, there was a part of you that had thrown all plans on exploration in favour of just simply seeking shelter from the storm, and if any residents were around, you hoped they would understand that you had no real choice but to trespass to survive.

So, with a huff, you prepared yourself for the exploring you were about to do. You just had to decide which way to go.
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