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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 35 - Impatient Fox - By lllll1337 - Overview
Shrugging, you fold your hands behind your back and stroll up behind Selkie, becoming the new “back of the line.” She continues to bounce on her heels before you, her tail still swishing around. It occasionally whaps against your chest and midsection, though its fluffiness makes you feel like you’re being gently bumped by a pillow.

You stand in line for a little while, seeing her head bob up and down before you. Then, out of nowhere, her head stops bobbing, her tail stops whipping around madly, and her whole body seems to tense up and become still.

Sniifffff… sniff…

It’s not hard to hear the kitsune taking some lengthy nostril-breaths before you. Her tail suddenly stands up, its tip parallel with her straightened spinal column. Then, she slowly turns around, her amber eyes peering into yours. Her pupils dilate as a big, goofy smile spreads across her lips.

“Oooooohh! S-Summoner! Mmmrrrh~...”

A growl-like purr rolls out of her throat as her pupils shrink, her eyelids narrow, and her tongue pokes out from the corner of her smiling lips. She steps toward you, shoving her face into your personal space (not that you mind even in the slightest~) and taking a long sniffffff of you.

“You smell gooooood~... hehehehehe~...”

A silly smile starts to cross your own lips as the fox girl compliments you…


…and it only widens when you hear a murky gurgle from her tummy.

“A-Ah,” you reply, “do I, now~?”

Her tongue slips from one corner of her lips to the other, wetting them with drool. Her lips then pull back, showing off her shiny white teeth, particularly her pointy canines. Slowly, even those canines part as she lets out a longing…


…sigh that causes her humid breath to wash over you, whisking into your nose. It’s got a thick, meaty scent to it, just as you’d expect from a wolf or fox-like maw… though this only gets you more excited, especially as Selkie speaks one more word…


Well, it’s settled. You’re getting into this foxy belly one way or another… hmmm… but the question is, how~?
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