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Quest for The Orb of Drul'gath - Page 35 - Lea and the mysterious Hut - By LordStorm - Overview
Lea tried to resist but her curiosity got the better of her.Slowely she crept up to the small hut. The door was open a crack and lea didnt hear any sounds of life from within. She looked about outside but there was no sign of anyone near the hut either. Finally Lea opened the door and peered in.The Inside was dominated by a small table in the middle of the hut a small bowel of fruit sat upon it. To one side of the room was a small bed and to the other were various supplies in boxes and crates at the back was a large covered black pot over a fire with steam bubbling out it's sides."Hmmm I wonder what all this is doing here and what happend to it's owner?" Lea thought to herself. Lea moved around the table to get a better look at the crates of supplies."Mmph tight squeeze" she said as her ample breasts pushed against various objects in the small hut.
The crates contained more fruit and various spices and a few veggies. "hmmmm" thought Lea "I wonder if the Owner would mind if I had some of his food?"
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