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Secrets of Faybrook Academy - Page 35 - The River Demon (ending) - By knt27 - Overview
You slip into the icy waters of the river, gasping at its frigid temperature. Goosebumps prickle your bare skin as you ease yourself deeper. You swim forward, glad to discover that the current is slow enough to not exhaust you too quickly. You tread water quickly and smile optimistically to yourself. You just might make it out of here after all!

And then you feel something large and slimy brush against your leg. Your heart leaps into your throat, but you keep swimming, telling yourself that it's only a fish. You make it another ten yards before you feel it again, this time its contact more forceful. You yelp in surprise when you feel yourself suddenly grabbed around your torso. You thrash in vain as you're dragged through the water at terrifying speeds, your screams echoing through the cavern around you. "Help! Oh God, NO!" Your echoes seem to mock you as they repeat your pleas back to you, NO, NO, NO! And then you're lifted high out of the water. You slap at the thick green tentacle that grips you, but it doesn't do any good. Its suckers cling to your skin as the muscular limb squeezes you until you gasp for breath. More tentacles lash the water below into a frothing cauldron. Your eyes are wide with horror as the beast from the depths rears its massive head at last.

Three large eyes regard you as you're dangled before this serpentine beast's face. It licks its thick rubbery lips hungrily as it regards the morsel that's fallen into its grip. You quiver in fear, but find that your whole body is electrified with anticipation and... excitement? You feel the warmth of arousal as you face a certain demise, soon to become a snack for this monster. To your complete surprise, the river monster begins to laugh, the sound its mirth deep and chest-rumbling. It parts its lips and begins to speak in an nearly unintelligible voice, clearly fighting to form words in a human tongue.

"Human... is... happy to be... food? Ha! Ha! Ha!"

"N-n-no!!! I'm not! I want to live!!!"

"I... think... not." The beast snakes a tentacle between your legs and wraps your rigid penis in its powerful coils. You gasp and arch your back, your eyes half-lidded. "I... am... Belgathar... demon of Styx. You... are food."

"Styx?! A demon?!!! Oh, no... I'm in Hell, aren't I?" Even as you squirm in pleasure at Belthagar's molestation, your mind races. There's not much hope of surviving this one... but if this is Hell, there's a much more important question you need answered. "Am-am I going to be stuck here if you kill me? My soul? In Hell, I mean."

The demon laughs at you again, its rumbling voice tinged with a hint of amusement, "I... am demon. I... eat... body and soul. Soon... tasty human's... soul... won't exist... at all. Ha! Ha! Ha!" The cosmic terror of this statement melts your will to resist. You fall limp in Belthagar's grip as it fondles you, raising you slowly to its gaping maw. Soon, your upper body is enveloped in the slimy darkness of the beast's mouth, its fat lips wrapped tightly around your torso. In a matter of moments, you're gone, slurped up like a wet noodle. Sluuuuurp!!! GULP! You writhe in the churning darkness of the demon's stomach, waiting for the inevitable end. Belthagar smiles to itself and lets out a noisy belch that echoes through the cavern. Buuuurp! (Buuuurp! Buuuurp! Buuuurp!) Satisfied, the monster slides back beneath the surface of Styx, awaiting the next hapless soul to enter the dark waters of the river. In a matter of hours, you're nothing more than soup in the demon's belly, your soul and body wiped from existence.

The End

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