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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 36 - All alone with Norne... - By SupremeToadLord - Overview
As you turned your attention towards the doorknob wiggling, the door opened up with a bit of a creak, revealing to you the same cute archer who had accidentally shot you, apparently by herself & a… staff in hand? Huh, the staff in question didn't look familiar to you.


You continued to watch Norne as she shut the door, standing there for a moment to take a breather before turning around to look towards your shrunken form. She quickly made her way towards you, giving you an easier scale to judge specifically how small her magic arrows had downsized you to. She looked like a giantess - a cute, adorable giantess who could just barely wrap her fingers around your entire body. Ah, so your size was most likely that of an action figure! Hmh, not as small as you first thought upon waking up.

“Ah! You're awake, thank goodness!”

She leaned down so her head was eye level with yours, a look of clear concern on her face. Gosh, she was still panicking over what she did, despite how little pain you actually felt now. The only thing you could do was calm her & to let her know that you were fine.

Haah… those elixirs really did the trick, huh…”

You nodded, confirming that the elixirs she had apparently given you had indeed worked! It felt so nice to see her posture ease up, now knowing that you were fine, despite your shrunken state & now that things had calmed down, your curiosity about the mysterious staff in her hand lodged itself back in your mind & so without hesitation, you asked her about it, mentioning that you hadn't seen this type before.

“O-Oh, this? I ahh…”
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