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Arrival In Draconia - Page 36 - Okay - By Dragonblaze - Overview
"Thank you." Draco laid down low enough for you to get on. "Hop onto my wing and walk over to my back." You do that, getting up and walking over to his body. When you sit down when his shoulders are, you can feel the scales on your legs. "You may want to hold onto something. Maybe wrap your arms around my neck." You do that, having a feeling about what the dragon was about to do.

Your thoughts were proven correct when the dragon turned to face the ledge, lifted his wings and spread them wide, and started running. Before reaching the edge, he started flapping his wings a little, and right as he was about to go over the edge, he leaped forward, and began flapping his wings strongly.

As you flew on Draco's back to the city, you took the moment to collect your bearings. You just bought a new house, explored a cave too much, wandered through a forest, ran away from a lamia, journeyed through a cave, ran across a plateau, encountered a large dragon, tried to run away from said dragon, thought you were going to be eaten by said dragon, and now you are RIDING on the BACK of the very same DRAGON you ran into, going towards a DRAGON CITY!

If there was a more crazier and insane beginning to any other fantasy story out there, you did not know what.
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