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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 38 - Tiki! - By HiddenIke - Overview

You decided to check on the Voice of Naga first. Tiki’s room was quite a ways away from yours, but you eventually found your way to her room. Creaking the door open, your eyes are graced with the onslaught of various potted plants and other sorts of foliage, a clear harkening back to the expansive tree where the Shepherds first encountered the manakete in the country of Valm.

As you had expected, she was laying fast asleep within the center of the room, a few overhead lights hanging above her like little stars. Perhaps a bit of a holdover comfort from her youth when she was under Bantu’s guardianship? Who knows. All that can be said is she was sleeping soundly.


You contemplate for a moment. There’s many ways to wake someone up. No doubt how you decide to wake the sleeping dragon as her arms laid still beneath her bountiful bosom will have some influence on how you decide to do so. So, you thought about your options on how to wake up Tiki.
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