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Hypno Castle - Page 38 - The strange golden coffin - By Dragonblaze - Overview
Walking up to the strange coffin, you stared in awe at how remarkably detailed it was. It was definitely fit for royalty. You placed your hand on it, gliding it across as you felt for any possible impurities. There seemed to be none at all, a flawless golden... whatever it is.

Suddenly, a small shake filled the room, and you stumbled back and fell to the ground. In front of you, the coffin's lid moved aside, and a shadowy figure lifted itself out. It stretched its limbs, before stepping down from the coffin.

"Ahhhh, such a good nap. I wonder… who was it that awoke me?" the figure looked around, and soon its gaze settled on you.

The figure looked like a canine-ish creature, with deep black fur and golden accents covering its body. Judging by its build, and its voice, it seemed it was a male.

"So, a gorgeous beauty woke me from my deep slumber… I thank you, dear child, for such a gift." he spoke with such a regal tone, you couldn't afford to not listen, just in case he got angry. "I am known as the Pharaoh. Tell me, young one, why did you free me?"
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