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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 39 - A nosey at her book. - By SupremeToadLord - Overview
As rude as it could be perceived to peek at what she was reading without her knowledge, the curiosity was just gnawing at you!

Making sure to stay as quiet as possible, you ever so slowly tiptoed closer to the sleeping princess & stopped yourself in place, right as you stood next to her. Still keeping your eyes on her to monitor her state, you slowly leaned in harder on the desk & once you were close enough, you stopped yourself. Hmm, now it was just the matter of brushing her stray hair aside so you could get a better look at the words on the page & figure out what she was reading.

Despite the risk of waking her up, you went on with it anyway, gently brushing aside her hair in order to uncover this mystery book.


You froze in place, just as you had brushed aside the last thick strand of her hair as you heard her mumble in her sleep & ever so slightly shift her position. She didn't seem to have woken up, but just in case, you quickly laid your eyes on the page you had deciphered.

Your eyes widened at the discovery - a diagram of the human stomach, along with a ton of text. Wait, was she reading what you thought…


Uh oh, it sounded like you might’ve just woken her up… but does she?
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