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Arrival In Draconia - Page 39 - Struggle… - By Dragonblaze - Overview
You try your very best to struggle, but whatever it is that is holding your body still as a statue is still holding you strongly.

Suddenly, the snake's eyes light up, rings of green, cyan and blue flowing inward. You find yourself locked onto them as you try to struggle. You feel a sense of calm wash over you, as your body begins to relax. Your muscles, tense due to the situation, now start to slacken.

"Jussssst look into my eyessssss. Give up your mind, and lisssssten to me." The anaconda thing seemingly sings to you as it sways its head back and forth. You follow its eyes with pinpoint precision, not keeping them out of the centre of your vision for an instant. "Yesssssss, that'ssssss right. Don't fight it, jussssst relax. It won't be long now my pet."

You feel a wave of obedience flow over you at the word "pet", along with more of that relaxing feeling. You feel calm as the snake continues to gaze into your eyes.


You smile broadly as an overwhelming feeling of relaxation, obedience, and especially bliss takes over your mind, ridding you of your free will and thoughts. The snake stopped his rings, as he hisses in satisfaction. "Yesssssss, don't sssssstruggle, pet." The snake spoke to you. "Now… jussssssst relax, dinner…"

You continue to smile as the snake closed in, drawing closer to your head. Your smile did not falter as your vision was taken from you as the snake closed his mouth over your head. You feel the coils around you unwrap, letting the snake consume you more. You did not fight. You couldn't even think.

Soon enough, the snake lifted his head up, letting your dangling legs slide down into his mouth and into his throat. He watched as you slid down, not giving any resistance at all, before coming to a rest in his stomach.

"Go to ssssssleep, my pet." The snake laughed.

You were unable to resist the power of hypnosis the snake wielded against you. You are now nothing more than food for the Anaconodara.
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