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The Adventures of Lulu - Page 4 - Norb's Battle - By Megaladong - Overview
"Hell no, Norb. I'm going to become a raichu. Now, get out of my way."

"Fine," he shakes the tears from his eyes. "So that’s the way it’s going to be. I didn’t want it to be like this, but someone has to stand up to you and save you from yourself." A smirk starts to spread across his face.

“What do you mean by that?” You are starting to get a bit nervous.

"You know, if you leave the tribe like you have, you forsake their protection and you become no different than an outsider?"

"Yes," you respond, "and?"

"Since you are no longer protected, I can claim you as an outside mate and bring you back to the tribe."

"But I won't be your mate. Now, get out of my way Norb."

"Consent is not needed for an outsider female." Before you can respond Norb is dashing toward you. It looks like a battle!

Norb is trying to force himself on you. If you fail, your womb is his prize. You will become his mate by submission and will raise him pichu against your will. You've played battle with him before and won, but you always had a sneaking suspicion that he let you win because he had a crush on you. However, you have seen Norb battle other males and he almost always wins. He is widely considered the strongest of your peer group. If you're being honest, Norb is much stronger than you and can probably beat you. But you are fast, probably the fastest of your peer group, and could easily outrun him. But if you can't stand your ground and beat a lone pikachu, then maybe you shouldn't be on this journey to begin with. There is no better time to prove your strength! What do you do?
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