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Draxen's World - Page 4 - Catgirls Rule - By JTrucken - Overview
You are a Catgirl, mostly humanoid, but with certain feline features such as: cat ears and a tail. You also have a cat-like personality: a fierce predator with an innate curiosity. You have a lion of an appetite and a powerful digestive system capable of processing a human male in a hour (10 minutes when on a walk) while only looking 9 months pregnant for a little while. Once you process your food, it comes out your rear end at about the normal fecal size of a human (catgirls use a lot of their prey). Enough information, on to the story.

1800 Shipboard Time
Draxen's Chamber, Command Orb
Orbiting Rejuvenated Moon PLM Y780-76-9222, Milky Way Galaxy

*Zap* *Crack* *Hummmmm* "Nya? Where am I?," You ask. "Welcome to the world Catgirl," says an evil voice, "I am Draxen, your creator and benefactor. I have created you to observe you in the wild with your prey on the moon below." "Nya, but why have do you want to observe me with my prey? I'll just eat it and then there won't be much to see until after about an hour and you probably won't see it then because it will be in the toilet," you ask. "Supreme Overlord xXVrrmVrXy of my home world wants me to collect data on all the predators and prey of the known Universe so that we can defend against bigger enemies and find more kinds of food. If it were my choice, I'd be at home on my island with a human in my tummy and a good book in my hands, but such is life." With that Draxen teleports you to a pre-built, pre-furnished, and pre-everything else that's necessary log cabin for you to call home. Inside there is a cabinet with a note labeled "Easy first meal. ~Love, Draxen" There are muffled noises coming from the cabinet.

What do you do next?
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