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My CV stadium branch - Page 4 - Go meet the Stallion - By tastyWeasel - Overview
Approaching the lengthy mare you greet him. "Hello, my name is Fehago, who are you?" You politely asked. The stallion flicked the tip of his flared cock and snarled. "Who am I? Who am I?! My arena name is the molestallion. Molest-Stallion." He punctuated, stamping his hoof on the wet tile, shaking your small frame. The horse reared up, his exceptionally long cock swaying to and fro, distracting your focus was kept on the large cone-like flare of the horse cock like it was some kind of target. Mesmerized by the the phallus, the stallion thrust his hips forward-towards you!

Because of the distraction, you did not react until it was too late. The equines lengthy cock coiled around your lithe body in literal trouser snake fashion and squeezed tight, making sure you could not wriggle free. "Ok little bitch, I don't know how they let a scrawny boy like you in here, but man I'm lucky to get to you first!" He gloated. You try you best to wriggle and writhe your way out of the trouser snake, but to no avail. The veins on the stallions cock swelled and pulsated with each throb the cock made from your futile struggles. "Come over here and kiss me baby." Was heard in a deep, slobbery male voice. You frantically look around but all you can see is the stallion constricting you.

"Uhhh who said that, can you help me!" You yelped from your squeezed chest. "No, over here numb nuts!" And with a slap, you set your gaze upon the gaping flare of the mare. "Say hello to my partner, my mouthy cock. Cumhago, meet Rig Rodney, Big Rodney, meet dinner." Molestallion chortled. "A-a talking cock?" You stuttered. "Wait a moment, Cumhago? You can't churn me, it's against the - Big Rodney, deep throat the whiny slut." Molestsallion cut off. "Pucker up and prepare your last kiss. Here I cum baby!" Rodney roared. The equine member descended down upon it's quarry and latched on to your maw! It them proceeded to ejaculate cum into you! Your strangled body felt each globule of seed well up and travel around the coils holding you before it was deposited into your mouth. As you were forced to drink more and more semen, you felt as if the cock was tightening it's cruel grip. But in reality, it was because you were gaining a significant fraction of your body weight in jizz!

The cock pulled off of your drenched maw at last and oped it's urethra wide. your last glimpse of light was blotted out by the descending cone of horse cock. You feel the cockflesh stretch and conform over your whole body like a thick meaty sock. Once most of you was engulfed the cock uncoiled and puckered it's flare over your feet fully swallowing you, leaving a nice oval shaped bulge in the middle of the black member. Then living up to his repugnant name, Molestatllion squat down and repeatedly clenched his cock muscles, veins throbbing with each "chew". Your being churned alive! All you can do now is hope something happens in the meantime before you are a puddle on the floor!
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