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Black Widow - Page 4 - Examine surroundings - By MrCaliban - Overview
Frustrated, the mighty avenger approaches to the vehicle.-“Heavily chained. Elite guards. How could she get free and kill the guards?”.-Black Widow wonders while the potent LED flashlight beam dances around the vehicle till finally, the attractive avenger finds footsteps on the ground.-“You can run but not escape of me, White Viper...”.-Black Widow smiles with confident. Her generous, sculpted bust bounce mesmeric into her black combat suit as her sculptural legs run, following the trace of the criminal. It seems that White Viper is running as hell, but the mythical super spy knows that she is faster than her.

Minutes later, a new shining appears, through the fog, in front of her eyes...a shining that, little by little, takes form of small windows in a large frame...-“A train? Stopped here?”-Wonders the skilled avenger when she is close enough to see it through the grey, moist blanked that covers the night. And the footsteps lead her in that way.-“That was a mistake from you, Viper...”.-Thinks Black Widow, making her way into the train with renewed confidence.

Somehow, the confidence of the mighty avenger vanishes fast when her eyes roam over along the passenger wagon. Dozens of corpses, still sat on their seats can be seen by the sculptural super spy.-“What the hell has happened here?”.-Mutters in horror the veteran heroine, walking along the corridor, staring the dead bodies, covered by a thin layer of a viscous substance, staring to the void with blurred eyes.

Suddenly, almost at unison, those bodies jerk in spasms, returning to life among plaintive moans. Startled, the bold avenger stares as, clumsily, dozens of corpse returning to life, surrounding her, staring her with a look of lecherous hunger on their dead eyes.
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