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The Random Encounter - Page 4 - Activate Program 65 to disable her magical abilities. - By CuddleSlut - Overview
You've come well prepared to take on Terra's legendary magical power, with a device that will prevent her from casting spells and will render all her magical might useless. You spring forth from the rocks and activate your Magitech device, Program 65. Terra looks up in fear and surprise as an uncanny energy radiates towards her. Then, the White Cape on her back ripples, as if in response to your attack, and Program 65's energy dissipates, vanishing uselessly, canceled out.
You stare in horror, frozen in place for a moment as try to conceive of a new plan. Terra, on the other hand, has recovered from her shock, and she extends an open palm towards you, the words of a spell forming on her lips. You quickly rush forwards, drawing your sword.
"Stop." Terra's voice radiates with mystic power.
Silver, crystaline clocks appear twirling around you, time distorts and you find yourself frozen in place, still conscious and aware, but unable to take a step closer to Terra, or to flee. Terra strides up to you, studying you with a calm, reflective expression.
"I truly don't understand your kind," she says, her tone a bit forlorn. "The Gestahlian Empire has hurt so many innocents, and yet you are willing to put your own life at risk to serve them." She moves her hand over you, and you feel a shift in the mystic energies that keep you bound. "Speak," she says. "Tell me why you have been chasing me."
Your body is still frozen in place, but Terra has now granted you the ability to speak. If you're going to escape her alive, you'll have to talk your way out.
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