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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 40 - Al-lure-ing Summoner~ - By lllll1337 - Overview
“Well, Selkie…”

Still smiling, you begin to step backward toward the doors. Extending one hand, you curl your index and middle fingers inward, giving a “c’mere” gesture.

“...if you think that I smell good and you’re hungry… why not come right this way? Who knows… you might find something to fill your belly, mhmhmhm~”

“Aaaaaah,” the foxgirl says, her maw yawning alluringly before you. “R-Really~?”

Even before you have a chance to answer, Selkie starts waddling towards you, already hooked by the “bait” that is yourself. You don’t really have to say anything — but where would the fun be in that?

“Yes indeed,” you reply, pressing your hand against the door out of the cafeteria. “Riiiiiiiiiight through here, mhmhmhm~”

You push one of the doors open while stepping back through it. Selkie keeps pace, almost stumbling as drool hangs from her lower lip. From there, you keep back-stepping toward your own bedroom, making sure to put a certain amount of distance between yourself and Selkie. Wouldn’t want her pouncing too soon, after all~

Eventually, you reach backward and grab the handle of another door — this one leading into your bedroom. You throw it open while continuing to step backward, passing inside while Selkie continues to follow you. Immediately after she enters the room, the door swings shut behind her with a thump.


Selkie rubs her growling tummy, her eyes locked firmly onto you.

“Eeheeheehee~,” she giggles, her tail swishing while drool practically pours from her lips. “Tasty summoner… now you’re all alooooone~”

Your grin only widens.

Well, then… what will you do next?
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