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Super Princess Peach: Hunger Pain Panic - Page 40 - Goomba Group-On Alt (DEATH) - By MasterSpunk68 - Overview
"Maybe we do not need to fight them at all. The goombas are quite weak; perhaps it would be a better use of our time to simply walk away from them."

"That's lame." Daisy snapped, crossing her arms.

"I think she's right, Daisy." Peach said, coming to Rosalina's aid. "If we waste time fighting them, our friends might be lost."

"Don't argue, guys..." Captain Toadette said. She didn't like to see her role models arguing.

"Fine." Daisy huffed. "We'll just walk away."

"Well then," Peach started, smiling. "That settles it. Let's go, girls. There's no reason for us to waste any more time, we have friends to free!" With that, Rosalina giggled softly and the trio of princesses resumed their trek alongside their admirer in the direction of the Power Star's light.

The goombas, however, were not so keen on calling it quits.

"Did you see that?" One of them asked, enraged.

"Yeah, they just left us!" Another one complained.

"Hey," A third whispered, motioning with his head to huddle up. "They think they're so much better than us, what do you say we teach them a lesson about how tough goombas really are, eh?"

"What do you mean?" One of his partners asked loudly.

"Shh, shhhhhh!! Keep it down, dumbass! What I mean is that this is our chance to snack on those snobs! While their backs are turned, let's get 'em all at once. They won't see it coming... literally! It's perfect!"

The other goombas around nodded, stifled evil laughter, and then turned towards the blissfully ignorant princesses with greedy looks in their eyes.

"So, how do these Power Stars work, exactly? Peach asked, curiosity overcoming her.

"Oh gosh, here we go..." Daisy groaned, rolling her eyes. Rosalina was known for her long, technical explanations, and Daisy just didn't have the patience for that sort of thing. It bored her to tears.

"Well," Rosalina started to explain. She never got the chance to finish, however, because a sudden impact to the back of both of her knees knocked her to the ground. Her companions soon followed.

"Hey! What's going on?!" Daisy grunted, startled by the abrupt fall. To her side, Captain Toadette shrieked in surprise. She didn't want Daisy to be hurt.

"We're gonna show you why you don't underestimate us goombas, that's what's going on!" The leader of the goomba pack said.

With that, he opened his mouth unnaturally wide and closed it on Princess Peach's head, elicited muffled shrieks from her. She tried to kick, but two more goombas had her soft feet in their mouths and were sucking on them roughly. She then tried to push away from the one on her head, but by that time, his grip was too strong.

"Hel' m'" Peach cried out, her words cut short by the goomba's innards and her life in desperate need of saving. Sadly for her, Captain Toadette was too panicky to help, and her situation was being mirrored by her friends. Daisy thrashed about, deeply regretting her plan to ignore the goombas as they moved up her thick, juicy thighs. Rosalina could barely move, as the goomba on her head had moved all the way down to her belly button, pinning her arms to her side.

Soon, all three goombas on all three princesses met in the middle at their royal waists. With a sickening chomp, they all bit down simultaneously, splitting their kills evenly into thirds before chewing them up and swallowing them down.

By this time, Captain Toadette was hysterical. "Noooooo!!" She cried, horrified at seeing her heroes being gobbled up by goombas right in front of her. She ran away crying her eyes out, and the goombas ignored her. She'd be caught by some predator soon enough, and they were full at the moment. Somewhere far away, she collapsed, sobbing relentlessly. All hope was lost, and all because of some minor minions.

"That's the way us goombas do it, boys!" The leader announced, triumphant. "Now, let's give ourselves a pat on the back, eh? Eh?" Nobody laughed at the lame joke. They wear all too stuffed with princess meat and thinking about what they were going to do with Pauline to bother to humor their leader.

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