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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 43 - Slathered by Selkie - By lllll1337 - Overview
“And you’re all mine~!”

Selkie cries as she suddenly dashes at you, tackling you straight into your bed! Your lower legs now dangle off the mattress’s edge while the rest of you rests atop it. Selkie kneels on top of you, her hands on your chest and her knees on your thighs, while she aims her head downward and stares at your face with a ravenous expression. Her tongue slides out from between her lips…


…shortly before she parts them wide and suddenly lowers her head toward you, unrolling her tongue and letting it land on your right cheek with a wet splat. The thick, gooey muscle feels warm and wet against your skin, while Selkie keeps letting out hot, steamy breaths that wash over your face. She drags her tongue up your cheek and over your ear and temple, letting out a low moan before raising her head. Continuing to stare down at your face, she narrows her eyelids naughtily.

“Mmrmrrrh~,” she purrs. “Yummy summoner goin’ straight into my tummy~... myaaaaahhn~...”

With a similar yawn to before, Selkie opens her maw wide before your eyes. You’re able to see everything — her white fangs and incisors, her squishy wet tongue, her wiggly uvula, and the blackened hole that is her throat…

So, what next~?
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