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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 44 - Morning rounds - By SupremeToadLord - Overview
Well that was true, you were just doing your morning rounds but you could probably put that on hold for now & spend some time with the precious girl.

You took the seat next to her & sat down, prompting a curious hum from her.

“Ah, but I thought you were-”

You cut her off, saying you were fine with sticking by her for a while - it's not like you had anything that important to attend to right now anyway.

“O-Oh… o-okay. Uhhhmm…!”

It certainly seemed like she was about to bring a new topic up, perhaps about the book she was most likely struggling to read, but a particular grumbling forced a specific subject.



Mmh, that was definitely her stomach crying out for breakfast. The hunger pang certainly looked to hurt a little, judging by the growing blush & the squinting eyes.

Hmmm, you could offer to take her to the cafeteria, the most logical choice… or, you could offer her something more exotic. Hmhmm the second option certainly tickled your fancy~

But what to choose…
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