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Super Princess Peach: Hunger Pain Panic - Page 44 - "We should just get rid of them, to be safe." - By MasterSpunk68 - Overview
"To be honest, Rosalina, I think we should just get send the koopas on their way. I like your idea, but I just don't want to risk them popping back out of their shells and hurting somebody." Peach said, hoping she hadn't hurt her friend.

"I understand completely." Rosalina said with a smile.

With that, the princesses kicked the koopa shells far away and watched them zoom off into the distance while Captain Toadette cheered. Daisy's went especially fast, enough to surprise her friends.

"What? I've been playing soccer lately." Daisy shrugged.

Peach and Rosalina giggled, knowing how competitive Daisy could be. Then it was back to business.

"As I was saying before," Rosalina began. "Power Stars work by absorbing cosmic energy radiation from each other. That is actually what the light we see being given off by this Power Star is, along with some other frequencies. The reason it is so strong now is that we are close to another Power Star. In fact... it seems to be right over there." Rosalina explained, pointing to the nearby star.

"Oh, yes!" Peach said, clapping excitedly.

"Let's hope all the stars are this easy to find!" Daisy said with fingers crossed, rushing over to the star.

Once all of the others were there, Peach grabbed the star and held it up for all to see.


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