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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 47 - An offer she can't refuse~ - By SupremeToadLord - Overview
Yeah… this was the perfect opportunity to spend some very close time with her! The cafeteria was quite far from the library anyway so to be frank, you were the best choice here, heheh~

Seeing as what you were about to offer, you saw no reason to hold back on it. You laid your hands flat on the table & were straight forward with your offer, prompting a unsurprising reaction from that - that of utter surprise!

“Wh-What!? Y-You want me to just… eat you? B-But… but I wouldn't wanna disrupt your work!”

That’s what you said! Disrupting your work though, hmh… you could very easily combat that concern by simply saying you wouldn't be busy until around the evening which was actually true. You also reminded her that the cafeteria was a fair distance away so that tummy of hers would have to wait longer - no reason to do that when you were offering yourself right here, huh?

“U-Uhhhmmm…” She was stuttering…


...but it sounded like her stomach had already decided!

No one would notice - she’d have you completely hidden literally beneath her skin, keeping her cute tummy nice & full…

Only one way she could answer, hmhmm…
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