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Super Princess Peach: Hunger Pain Panic - Page 49 - Koopatrol Keep-it-up (GAME OVER) - By MasterSpunk68 - Overview
"Oh man, I knew your pal Daisy was a dumbass, but who knew she was so fucking stupid?" Bowser chuckled from his throne, watching Pauline's face contort in sorrow.

"It was a... a simple mistake..." Pauline whimpered from inside of her cage, trying to make sense of what had just happened to her friends.

"Yeah, and a costly one, too!" Bowser laughed. "Kamella, are the koopatrols here yet?" He asked his assistant.

"Yes, your nastiness!" Kamella answered, showing the koopatrols to their prize.

"Oooh, she'll do nicely." One of the koopatrols said, leering at Pauline. "Very nice."

"W-what are you going to do to me?" Pauline stammered, terrified. She could already feel them invading her, and just the thought almost caused her to become ill.

"Whatever they feel like!" Bowser roared gleefully. "So what'll it be, boys?"

"Well," A koopatrol spoke up. "We're not so hungry right now, thanks to your dopey friends, but we have put on a few extra pounds because of them too, and we were hoping to work that extra weight off. Maybe you could help us?"

"H-how?" Pauline asked, afraid of the answer she would receive.

"Well, we want to play a game with you." A koopatrol answered.

Pauline sighed in relief, cautiously optimistic now. Perhaps the koopatrols, though carnivorous, were sympathetic to her now that their appetites had been satisfied.

"What kind of game?" Pauline questioned, curious.

"We'd like to play keep-it-up," The third koopatrol responded, a devious grin forming on his face. "You can be the ball!"

Pauline gasped as she was forcefully torn from her cage by Bowser, then screamed in pain as her legs were wrenched behind her head and her arms were tied behind her back.

"Stop, please! Don't do this!" Pauline pleaded, but her begging fell on deaf ears.

"I'll start!" Bowser announced, setting Pauline into the air. She spun around and around until she came close to the ground, at which point one of the koopatrols bumped her upwards again. She cried out for mercy, but only received another hard whack in return.

"This is fun!" The third koopatrol cheerfully proclaimed over the sounds of Pauline screaming bloody murder, passing Pauline back to Bowser, who kicked her in the face and sent her and some of her teeth up into the air like a soccer ball. One of the koopatrols then decided to show off and got in a crab position with his steely erection pointed upwards. Pauline's pussy landed right on it, engulfing the koopa cock before a powerful hip thrust sent her skyward once again. The others laughed while Pauline cried. She had never felt so objectified in her entire life.

"I got it!" One of the koopatrols called, diving for Pauline. He missed and the brunette bounced off the ground face first, fracturing her spine and groaning in agony before her bruised, crumpled body was batted into the air. "On a bounce, anyways!" The koopatrol added sheepishly.


After an hour of this seemingly endless beating, one of the koopatrols got impatient. He positioned himself directly under the barely aware girl ball, then rammed the spike on his helmet upwards directly into her asshole, ripping it open and sending her into shock. He then turned his mouth upward and waited for Pauline to fall, swallowing her limp, unconscious body whole when it fell.

"Dude, what the fuck?!" His friend asked angrily. "That was our only ball!"

"Don't worry," Bowser said, reassuringly. "We have plenty more where that came from. All of the toad people are ours now, they can all be balls!"

With this, the group laughed, then went off to get a replacement for Pauline. With so many toadette slaves to choose from, the task was simple enough.

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