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Monster Island - Page 5 - It grabs you - By Dragonblaze - Overview
It pounced on top of you, pinning you down under its body. Her mouth launched at your own, her tails wrapped around your head, and soon all you could see was blue, blue, blue… you… you…

"Oh thank Goddess, that was close." the fox let out a breath it had been holding. It let go of your body, keeping one tail on your head at all times, and made a motion as if beckoning you. You sat up, staring at the fox. Just staring. Not thinking.

"Well, all that progress was worth nothing, but oh well, slow route it is." the fox moved to hold you, looking you up and down, adjusting you here and there. You did not move a muscle as she did so.

"Aren't you glad that I caught you, and not some creepy weirdo that would have petrified you, or enslaved you, or enthralled you, or… well anyway, I mean, aren't you glad you met me? I've been lonely, I've always wanted a pet, well, a kind and normal and not at all hypnotised pet, mind, but hey, at least you aren't some other freak's plaything and simply mine, right?" the fox went on and on, always looking at some part of you, almost eyeing you up even.

"Okay, here goes. Close your eyes…" you closed your eyes, "take a deep breath…" you took a deep breath, "and sleep…"

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