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The Life of Renic - Page 5 - The beginning of our story - By TheRenic - Overview
This is where our story begins. This is a heavy incest themed sotry, with vore and unbirthing and other kinky fun things involved. All species allowed, but no homosexuality with Renic, forced or otherwise, Renic is 100% Heterosexual. Renic may have brothers but no having sex with him. He may be vored and killed but, every time he is ate, unbirtherd, swallowed, or vored in some way, there must be two routes, to keep the story alive, in one he dies, his pred digests him or some other form of fatality, the other, he lives. His pred keeps him around. This is a scat free story, all bowel movements are done off screen. There is no water play, shrinking or hard vore. This story will also be posted to and any entries posted there, wil be posted here and vice versa, as long as entries do not conflict. Now, enjoy the story!

I will be trying to add at least one entry myself every day (excluding days I cannot) and if you discover any grammatical or spelling errors in my posts, please point them out so i can get to them and correct the errors.
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