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Vore in the Real-World!?! - Page 5 - Pred - By Fangroller - Overview
Calling up Pred, the phone goes speaker mode. From the phone you can hear the sound of a man moaning and the smacking of lips. She always did like to get a headstart. After a loud gulp, she finally gets around to picking the phone.

"Hey, hey, hey! Whats going on? You finally done hibernating?" You can hear pat her stomach, most likely to get her recently caught prey to stop struggling. You two talk for a while, she about her catches and you about... well she didn't really give you a chance to speak. She's obviously very proud about capturing her food.

When she finally stops, you ask her out on a night on the town. "Heck ya! C'mon, lets meet at bar okay? I already have a few ideas on what we could do together..." The way she emphasis that last sentence makes you nervous. She always love to joke about eating you. One time, she even swallowed you whole, much to Prey's protest. She can't be serious this time... right?
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