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Feeling Flushed - Page 5 - Give it a shot. - By TheWatcher - Overview
A few moments pass before Iris finally makes up her mind. Iris bites her lip before settling into a more comfortable position on her seat.

She kicks the panties off her feet before placing both hands on the underside of the porcelain bowl. From what she’d seen in the video clip, the blonde’s sizeable posterior had popped right through the seat. The first test would be whether or not Iris can make that happen. She pulls down on the toilet, forcing herself tighter against the seat. She pulls hard, but nothing happens. She catches her breath before trying again, pulling against the round bowl as hard as she can. Just as Iris is about to give up, feeling exceptionally foolish, she suddenly falls butt-first into the bowl, her derriere slipping past the seat and splashing into the cold water below. Iris gasps, her nethers suddenly exposed to the chill of the toilet water, causing goosebumps to flare up on her skin. She looks around, realizing what just happened. She isn’t sitting on the toilet anymore, she’s sitting IN the toilet. Her legs are pressed tightly against her chest and her bottom is… rather comfortable, all things considered. It fits the shape of the bowl nicely and she can feel the dip in the porcelain that forms the toilet’s mouth.

This alone is enough to convince Iris that the toilet is capable of sending her along on the porcelain express. As she soon discovers, though, she’s completely stuck. Try as she might, she can’t muster the strength to pull herself out of the bowl. After a few minutes she finally gives up, panting softly. She looks around the room, looking for something to help pull herself up and out of her cold, porcelain prison. She finally looks over her shoulder, her eyes falling on the flush handle. After a long while of contemplation, Iris sighs and reaches up with her right hand, fingers gingerly placed on the handle. Seeing no other option, Iris pulls the handle, flushing the toilet.

The toilet lurches and the water level rises slightly. It makes a sound that Iris has never heard it make before, a sort of gurgling sucking sound. A few seconds pass and nothing happens. Iris begins to wonder if perhaps it was a hoax; that is, until the toilet roars to life and she feels a powerful tug on her bottom. Iris gives a small cry as her whole body is yanked downward, her butt beginning to slide into the toilet’s mouth. The sucking sensation intensifies as the commode begins to flush louder than Iris has ever heard it, the water around her beginning to swirl and churn. To her amazement, Iris begins to turn in the round bowl. Her rotations start slow but quickly accelerate as more of her is dragged downward into the throne’s hungry maw. She is forced to lift her legs straight into the air to allow the turning to continue.
Her ass is now completely devoured by the toilet, her lower body entering the S-bend. The bizarre sensation sends chills up her spine. Iris’ thighs and chest sink down into the rushing water, leaving only her head and lower legs above the seat. This presents a perspective of her bathroom she never thought she would ever witness, gazing up at it from the rim of a toilet bowl. It’s hard to appreciate it, however, as she is spinning rather fast at this point. Her head falls below the seat and sinks into the water. Before long, her head makes its final lap around the bowl before being gulped down the trap and into the pipes, her vision going black.

All that’s left now are Iris’ lower legs and feet, which begin to kick in panic as they continue to perform laps around the commode’s bowl. Eventually they’re pushed into the center of the vortex, their spinning growing even faster as they sink down, down, then finally are flushed away completely with nothing more than a chipper gulp from the toilet.

The bathroom falls silent, save for the sound of the refilling toilet.
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