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The Random Encounter - Page 5 - Threaten her. Tell her that if she does not release you unharmed, the Empire will kill her. - By CuddleSlut - Overview
You decide your best hope of making out of this alive is to frighten Terra into releasing you. You muster up your best sneer. "Do you have any idea what Gestahl will do to you if you harm me? It's bad enough that you've fled and resisted us this long. He'll never forgive you for harming a sergeant. You should just turn yourself in now, while they still want you alive."

Terra sighs and rubs her head. "This constant pursuit by the Empire... it's truly starting to wear on me. I... forgive me, but I need to relieve some stress right now, and I need to ensure you can't tell anyone where my friends and I are."

"Relieve stress?" You raise an eyebrow. "What are you talking ab—"

"Silence," Terra commands.

Mystic energy snaps your mouth shut, gagging you and leaving mute.

"I've heard enough out of you, I think." Terra pushes you down onto your knees, then pulls her tights down around ankles, baring a smooth, tight pussy with a small green tuft of trimmed pubic hair. In spite of your situation, a flush of arousal runs through your groin and up into your blushing cheeks. The sight of Terra's exposed womanhood has caught you completely off-guard, and for a moment the mask of your dignity and duty slips. Terra slides a finger inside herself with a quiet sigh, dipping the tips of her fingers in and out as her nether-lips grow warm and damp. The next moment she slides her wet fingers into your hair and grinds her hot, dripping cunt all over your face. Bound by magic, you have no power to resist or even object as Terra fucks your face, her breath growing hot and rapid. Through the moans, she manages to speak a spell.


Terra's pussy begins to expand like a yawning mouth and sucks your head inside with a wet slurp. The force of her spell tugs at your body and your very life force, as you inwardly cry out for help, but no such help is coming for you. The thick, wet lips of Terra's hungry pussy quiver and clench around your neck as she draws you deeper and deeper, bucking her hips as she slides you up her inner passage. As your shoulders enter her, Terra releases the hold of Stop. You struggle and writhe against the grip of her ravenous womanhood, but to no avail. She's given you back the ability to struggle purely to increase the stimulation you give her, treating you now as little more than a living sex toy. Your head slides up through Terra's slick birth canal, and with a pop, enters the warm pocket of her womb. Despite your fear, the soft warmth of Terra's body enveloping you is strangely inviting, almost reassuring. Your struggles begin to weaken as the thick perfume of Terra's womanhood enshrouds your senses. A wild thought springs up, betraying you. You've lived a wicked, self-serving life... is this really the worst way for it to end?

Terra sinks to her knees with a moan, driving you into her pussy up to your hips and climaxes, showering you with hot, syrupy fem-cum. Her belly swells as the steady clench and pull of her womanhood draws your legs inside, and in just a few seconds, your feet vanish between Terra's nether-lips.

Terra pants and gasps, seating heavily, her thighs splattered with juices, her cheeks rosy with afterglow. She pets her swollen belly with her slender hands, a slightly guilty smile on her face. The spell binding your mouth fades, and you give muffles cries of protests as you squirm within the womb of your strange surrogate mother.

"Don't fight," she coos. "Your fight is over now."

The calm, reassuring tone of Terra's voice and the heavenly embrace of her womb is rapidly draining your will to fight, just as her magic is draining your energy. Every inch of your body is lovingly stroked and rubbed by hot, slick flesh. You're soaking wet, and warm, and the fog of pheromones is making your head swim with pleasure and desire. Your body is beginning to grow as syrupy and wet as Terra's fem-cum, slowly melting away painlessly in the depths of Terra's belly, and you're enjoying yourself so much, you find you don't even care. Overcome by stimulation, you climax, and lose consciousness, meeting your doom in Terra's womb.

Terra fingers herself as her womb ripples around your, slowly turning your body into a gooey mess. After an hour, not a solid trace of your body or clothing remains. Terra increases her pace, clutching her breast and moaning as she drives herself to climax once more. Your cummified body rolls down out of Terra's pussy in hot, sticky tidal waves as her swollen belly deflated. Her echoing moans of pleasure slowly quiet to content, happy sighs. Nothing remains of you now but a puddle of fem-cum, seeping down into the floor of the cavern. You've met your defeat at the hands of Terra Branford's vagina.

Terra's friends find her soon after, drawn by the echoes of her lustful cries. While embarrassed, Terra is happy to rejoin them, and they continue their quest to defeat the Gestahlian Empire once and for all.

Your story ends here.
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