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The Game - Page 5 - Look around - By masterchaos - Overview
You try to stay calm and look around. On the table in front of you is a knife. Luckily you have already played some escape games and know how it works. You try to push the knife off the table.

It works... You can tell it's a game because the knife accidentally cuts the bonds at your feet. Fortunately, your new body is also a little more flexible than your real body. It is exhausting because your body is still shaking from the vibration. But you manage to grip the knife with your feet. With a very acrobatic move, you manage to deliver the knife into your hands.

Quickly you remove the vibrator and the gag. You feel a great relief. It wasn't a pleasant experience. Subconsciously, you put the knife and the vibrator in your skirt pocket.

You're thinking about what to do next. Now that you're standing, you realize how small you really are. That could become a problem at some point. However, There's nothing else to uncover in this room, so you decide to leave the room for now.
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