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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 52 - You feel way worse! - By OhSevenTen - Overview
You open your mouth to answer, but before you have the chance…


A wave of pain shoots through your skull, feeling almost as though it were going to split your head in twain. You can’t help but buckle, holding your head in one hand, the other tightly gripping the bed you sit upon. Something must have gone wrong with Mercedes’s spell. Your pain is about ten times worse!

“Summoner?” A concerned Mercedes steps towards you, placing a hand upon your shoulder. Her usual demeanor yields to one of concern. You can hear it in her voice and, if your eyes weren’t downcast, you’d be able to see it in her visage as well.

“I know what to do.” Having not received an answer from you, Mercedes stands then turns away with a much more determined look on her face.

You know exactly what she means to do, faintly remembering a past conversation with Mercedes about the power of a healer’s stomach. You’d had previous experiences with being shrunk and swallowed whole by healers after particularly exhausting days. Something about a healer’s insides caused all your aches, pains, and worries to just melt away. Mercedes had expressed interest in trying it, but the opportunity never arose… well, until now.

As she begins to walk away in search of a staff capable of shrinking your stature, you have a momentary reprieve from your affliction. Possibly enough time to bark a sentence or two.
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