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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 53 - The Nommy Option! - By SupremeToadLord - Overview
Well it seemed like the blatantly correct choice in terms of fun factor & besides, it was quite well known that, while being a slower process, the soft insides of a cleric could cleanse a person of illness better than even the best staves out there! It was also just… mmmff… incredibly comfortable, snuggled up in a belly in general…

…& you couldn't wait to be Lena’s breakfast, heheh~

Speaking of, she was still waiting for your answer! Hmh, no reason to keep your answer from her & so you told her in a rather proud, yet kinda sheepish tone.

“Ah, so you wish to be healed within my body.” Her sweet tone only further excited you, especially as she leaned in slightly closer. “If you truly have the time to spare, I shall gladly go with this option.” Her smile grew more pure, making your heart shudder a little.

Ah wonderful, she was happy to take this! You knew she’d never admit it if you asked but having been staring into her shimmering red eyes for a short few seconds now, it did seem like there was that slightest glimmer of hunger in her eyes, though you hadn't heard her gut growl at any point so far so it was hard to say.

She seemed pleased to see your own smile widen a little before she backed off to give you some space.

“Now I must ask something before I begin this treatment.” She spoke calmly, laying her arms against her sides. “Would you like for me to take you as you are, or shall I shrink you?”

Oh yeah! It wasn't exactly a normal thing for any Heroes who didn't possess any kind of animalistic trait like Selkie or Velouria but Lena was one of the few naturally capable of consuming things… or people moreso of her size or even bigger than her!

Hmm, this was surely a tough choice… which to choose…?
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