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Super Princess Peach: Hunger Pain Panic - Page 53 - Use magic on the koopatrols - By MasterSpunk68 - Overview

"Alright!" Peach said, accepting her role as lead in the fight. "On the count of three, we release our special magic. One... two... three!" Peach called out. On three, the trio of princesses each released their magical royal abilities in the direction of the koopatrols.

Peach blew a kiss at the front koopatrol which exploded into a pink, sparkly dust on contact which rained down on the armored creature.

"Ha! That didn't hurt at... all..." the koopatrol's voice trailed off as he slumped over and passed out.

"It wasn't supposed to," Peach replied with a wink. "My Peach Powder doesn't hurt, but it does put its targets to sleep for a very long time."

Rosalina closed her eyes and charged her power, focusing it all on the next koopatrol in the area. A starry aura appeared all around her foe, confusing him greatly. Suddenly, the koopatrol began to float harmlessly away, frantically swiping at the air in an attempt to regain control.

"My Gravitational Field does not hurt either, but it does allow for me to lift enemies and objects off the ground for some useful and... hm, amusing results." Rosalina said with a self-pleased smile.

"Well you're out of luck," Daisy said, pointing at the last koopatrol standing. "Because my Daisy Dukes hurt like a bitch!" she yelled threateningly, eliciting an audible gulp from her target. Suddenly, two flower pedals magically grew from Daisy's hands and wrapped around her tightly balled fists. Pulling one of them back, Daisy charged forward, then delivered a mighty uppercut to the koopatrol's exposed chin and sending him flying over the horizon.


"Phew," Peach sighed, relieved that their magic was able to pull them through battle. "That was really something."

"Yeah, I have to admit, I'm a little pooped." Daisy conceded.

"We must remember that our magic cannot be overused, as it does take extensive quantities of energy to utilize." Rosalina noted.

"Right." Peach and Daisy agreed, nodding their heads simultaneously.

"Wait a second..." Peach said, taking note of something odd.
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