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Cockvore Royale - Page 55 - Beige - By Thibs - Overview
Nationality- Denmark
Occupation- Librarian
Trait- Bookmark- Men who are milked by Beige are paralyzed by Orgasm weakness for a half hour instead of 15 minutes. Is also able to set up a "Home Base" Once in the Royale that allows him to recover conditions much faster than normal when resting there.
Assimilated Trait- None


Height-5'9" 175.26cm
Hair-Classic Undercut
Hair colour- Strawberry Blonde
Skin Tone- Porcelain
Body Hair- Minimal
Dick size-2" inch soft, 5.5" inch hard
Distinct features- Glasses, Clean shaven

Tattoo colours-
Cleanliness- Spotless
Injuries- None
Eroticism- Flaccid

Starting Location- Suburban Block 1


You wake from what seemed like a perfect sleep only to realize you're somewhere completely unfamiliar. You vision is blurry but the only thing you can make out is that you're somewhere mostly dark with a few spots of light coming in from windows near by. Slowly getting to your feet you realize you're naked and start to panic when suddenly a monitor in the corner of the room flicks on startling you. Moving closer through the darkness of your surroundings you watch as a ripped old man comes into view on the monitor and explains your new reality. Watching his demonstration sent shivers down your spine. It seemed to defy reality but it happened anyways right in front of your eyes. Reaching down to your thigh you see that you indeed have a tattoo inked onto your leg. It was oddly glowing and you could clearly see the word Beige inked inside of the block. After the old man's explanation he held up the skull of the poor man who had lost his load and then his life and gave them all a warning about what would happen to losers before the screen turned off leaving you alone once more.

Not sure how to handle all of this you decide your first step should be to look at your surroundings. It seemed like you were in a basement somewhere. The floor was cold and there were boxes scattered about. Luckily near one of the windows was a washer and a dryer which gave you the boost you needed to peak outside. It took your eyes a minute to adjust but when you looked around you saw that you were surrounded by houses. The window faced out to the street to what seemed like another block of housing stretching off into the distance. To your right it looked like more houses running back as far as you could see, which admittedly wasn't that far. Breaking the monotony of all the houses down the street to your left was a big building that stood out from everything else in this suburbia. It looked like it was some sort of sports stadium but it was difficult to tell. The only thing you're sure of is that you really don't want to end up like that guy who's skull just got cummed out of some guys dick. It was time to try and find a way to survive this, one way or the other.
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