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The Fire Emblem Heroes Interactive! - Page 59 - Taking full control~ - By SupremeToadLord - Overview
Ooooh how tempting it was to just give in & relinquish your moment of power over her - just the sight of ravenous hunger in her eyes & the sight of her maw whenever her lips parted was enough to work you up… but at the same time, it also fuelled your desire to tease her & that's exactly what you were gonna do, whether she liked it or not~

“Hmmm, poor & hungry kitsune, maybe I should make you wait, maybe…” You flashed her a wide grin. “Maybe I should make you convince me to feed you… because if you don't, maybe I won't feed you at all~” You finished off with a teasing wink, eager to see what she could do in order to convince you.

Heh, you could feel her shuffling a bit underneath you - your words were getting under her skin, you knew it~

“H-Hah, like I need to convince you!...”

Oh? Your smirk quivered a tad - she had more to say judging by the sultry lull of her eyes.

“...when my tummy can do it for me~


Aahh, how perfectly timed that was! Yeah you couldn't deny it, her stomach made a good case… but you wouldn't be so easily defeated & in fact, you could flip that on her to benefit yourself~

Oooh… hmhmm, thank you oooh-so much for the idea, Selkie~!” You feigned such gratitude & lowered your eyes down to the famished fox’s middle… oh, where a revelation revealed itself! “Ah, you aren't wearing your abdominal guard! It's like you were hoping for me all along to give you a nice belly rub~”

How you hadn't noticed until now, you weren't sure but it certainly made the reveal all the more sweeter, made apparent by her cheeks flushing a heated red! You were glad she enjoyed being teased~

“A-Aahhrr~” She let out a throaty growl, sounding much more animalistic now. “Maybe I did… who’s to say I always catch my prey~?”

Mmmmhh, even in a powerless position, she knew how to strike with her wording!

Well, as enticing as giving her a veeerrrryy teasy belly rub was, there was another option - perhaps tease her taste buds by sticking your index finger out close to her drooly lips~

Hoo… you could feel your heart race over the thought of both choices~!
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