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My Little Pony vore interactive - Page 59 - BonBon has a secret kink that she's been hiding... - By AlexToplve - Overview
BonBon laid quietly down on her bed, tail nervously flittering from side to side as she held a box in her hooves, filled with several different vials and bottles of multi-colored liquid. The contents of the bottles were...Rather special, they were potions and concoctions brewed from a certain zebra in the Everfree, BonBon managing to order them from her. It wasn’t exactly easy, and it led to some awkward questions, but she managed.

Now she wasn’t sure what to do with them.

The potions were so she could finally experience for real a particular...Kink, she’s always had but could only fantasize about. It was a rather...Unusual one, which is why she had yet to bring it up with her marefriend and housemate Lyra. She was worried that the entire thing might...Turn her off or disgust her. Well, sure, it probably wouldn’t make her leave or anything...But BonBon was just nervous.

She was hoping that after she got these potions she’d work up the courage to bring it up...But now that she had them she wasn’t so sure about that. She sighs and closes the box, setting it aside as she got up from the bed. Lyra wouldn’t be back for a few hours, so she had time to go take a bath or...Something.
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