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Monster Island - Page 6 - And so she told you - By Dragonblaze - Overview
You woke up, feeling pretty refreshed. As always, whenever you stayed with Yrissa. Which, was pretty much all the time now.

The past few days had gone by fast, since meeting Yrissa the Kitsune. And what you learned in that time really shook you hard. You were stuck on a strange island, filled to the brim with dangerous creatures of all kinds, all with their own kinds of either "persuasive" or "transformative" abilities. You were something that is considered a "prey-thing" on this island, a creature that had no powers and was open game to everything. You were also an "Outsider", someone who came across the "Great Sea", more foreign to the island and more helpless than the usual prey-things. As it were, Yrissa, as you learnt, had been trying to hypnotise you and make you her pet, and didn't know you were an Outsider, and was not expecting you to be cautious of being relaxed by the suggestions she had implanted in your mind. Apparently you had picked a VERY good night to trick her, since you had been one spell away from being her willing plaything. After that night, she offered to take you to her lair, and, since she was being much more nicer since learning of you being an "Outsider" and knowing you had no hope out there without any idea of what to do, you accepted.

And so, ever since, you've been here.

It ain't a bad place, either. Sure, it was a cave, a dirty one at that, but it was much more safe than your DIY shelter that now served as extra material for the lair. And besides, safety from those things out in the wilds here was more important than comfort. Especially when that comfort can be gained from some soothing touches.

Yes, Yrissa did hypnotise you multiple times since then, but it was by your request and she had still been hesitant. You almost feel like you bullied her into it, really. Still, it was nice sitting in those tails. Felt like a soft blanket. Warm too.

"Outsider! Help!"

You shot out of your bed and ran to the entrance, worry and fear rushing through you. As you approach, a thick band of scales wrapped around your waist and pulled you up, hanging you upside down. You pushed and pulled against it, but you couldn't break free. A flower was pushed onto your face, and its pollen lulled your body into a forced state of relaxation. You couldn't struggle anymore.

"No, let him go Kaida! Please!" Yrissa shouted and begged.

"And let you have a source of Essence? You know the rules kitty, all prey goes to the tribe. Now, lady, time for your nap…"

You could hear Yrissa grunt and groan, and soon enough you began to hear moans. What were they doing to her?
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