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Coming of Age. - Page 6 - I've got to help. - By Ansem-The-Wise - Overview
You can't let this girl die.

However, you can't die either. At least not this early in the story.

Jumping out and attacking the frog would lead to an instant death. You pull out your bow and place an arrow on the string. Doing your best to hide, you aim your arrow at the frog's throat. The arrow flies through the air and strikes the frog, but it didn't do anything but let the frog know where you are.

The frog unleashes it's long tongue at the tree and uproots it from the ground. You glance up at the dirt still attached to the bottom of the tree, before the frog tosses the tree in another direction. You dodge the frog as it strikes again and again, uprooting more trees and even latching onto a deer. While the frog spits out the deer, obviously not the prey it wanted, you leap behind another tree, thinking over your next move.

Looking down at your feet, you see a patch of julino berries. These berries, although exotic in both appearance and aroma, are some of the most poisonous plants one can find! You quickly grab one of the berries, and squeeze the juice onto one of your arrows. The juice stings your skin, but there's no telling how much it will burn the frog.

You load the arrow into your bow and aim at the frog's eye. Praying that it works, you release the arrow.

Direct hit! The eye of the frog exploded like a small bomb, the blinded creature screeching in pain. You feel triumphant until the frog, tossing and turning, knocks you out of your hiding spot.

The frog, now sensing it's prey, sends it's tongue at you. You try to get up and run, but you feel the frog's tongue latch onto your right foot. The frog knows that it has you and starts trying to pull you in.
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