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Into the belly of the beast - Page 6 - A snake comes down and devours Jackie - By Swallow-Her - Overview
There was a sudden bang and a hole was torn open from the vents, and only a split second later an enormous snake reached down and closed it's mouth around Jackie's head. Amanda stood in awe for a moment, then she started to scream, Amanda grabbed on to each of Jackie's legs and tried to pull her out, to no success, this thing was determined on making her best friend it's meal, and at the rate it was swallowing her, it's goal did not seem too far away. The snake had swallowed up to her waist by now, and was beginning to lift her in the air, she could hear her muffled screaming from inside it's throat but couldn't make out what she was saying, and then she felt something... The snake had been trying to wrap itself around her feet the entire time she was trying to save Jackie, Amanda..
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