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My CV stadium branch - Page 6 - An iguana guard shows up. - By tastyWeasel - Overview
The only thing you could hear inside the lengthy member is the lewd squelching of you being digested into semen. The Molestallion curled up his cock to a set of lower lips. Apparently he was a male herm. The stallion let Rodney kiss and suck upon his cunt before plunging him inside. He inserted his cock deep into his vagina, just stopping at the point where you started to make a bulge in his member. The stallion thrust in and out with his cock, you started shaking as he fucked himself into motion. Cum at your head began welling up around you, building up pressure until you were forced down into the section of the stallions penis that was in his pussy.

Molestallion was in utter joy as he was double stimulated by fucking himself with a meal inside, swelling up his cock! You feel intense pressure all around you as you are both inside his cock and vagina!. The raving horse lost it and pounded himself without shame, his tongue lolling out, right leg stamping on the floor and letting out an array of whinnies and neighs as he climaxed inside himself, injecting into the depths of his pussy. Once he finished with you, an male iguana guard rounds the corner. It was easy to tell as he was dressed in blue -as a matter of fact- at all.

"Heh, you look like you had a whale of a time there." He chuckled. The molestallion was a bit nervous as he didn't finish churning you yet and did not want to get caught. "How can I not with a cock like this?" The equine replied. The green scaled guard looked down at the stallions groin, and saw a distinct lack of something. "So big boy, where is your sack?" He asked. The stallion trying to make sure he didn't find out he was a male herm, replied: "Yeah, it's a shame they are internal, cant fit much of anything in there. But on the upside, I learned to make up for it by melting things in my cock-Big Rodney." "Oh? Is that so?" The iguana said taking a few strokes at the black trouser snake. To finish off the reptiles curiosity, the stallion prompted him to take a deeper look to prove it. "Oh, no sir, that's fine. Plus we can dip in while on duty. I just came here for regular inspection, to make sure the rules are being obeyed. And I didn't feel any bulges in there, so you are free to go." The iguana started to walk off, but he stopped and replied: "Oh one more thing, if you ever want a more " in depth" inspection, take this." and hands off an info card with his in-stadium apartment number. As he walked off, the iguana gave a playful wink to the stallion, completely ignorant of the reduction in weasel population.
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